don't you wish you knew why they are not answering their phone?
i really need to get in touch with them!
if this sounds familiar, then iRappU is for you!
iRappU is an innovative instant response mobile application that will automatically respond on your behalf, hands-free, to missed incoming phone calls and SMS. It will connect you instantly with your friends, family or even your co-workers to give them an up-to-date response status whenever you are not available to respond to them immediately. This app will provide anyone trying to contact you with a peace-of-mind on your whereabouts when you are needed.
 let's face the facts 
There is always going to be moments in our lives when you know that you are not going to be available for a period of time to either respond to a text or a phone call. What happens when you don't pick up or respond to the text? The sender gets anxious. Why didn't they pick up? Are they avoiding me? Is everything fine? iRappU is the answer to your questions.
 iRappU features 
  • 100% User-Friendly
  • Instantly shares to Facebook and Twitter
  • Choose from a menu of over 120 Suggested Responses from our Pre-Loaded List
  • Able to customize your own response
  • Set Time Frame for App Activation
  • App Automatically integrates with your Address Phone Book
  • Instantly Sends/Receives Response
  • 1-Touch Friend Invitation
  • Ability to Log-In using your Facebook/Twitter Account
  • Both Users must have App Downloaded
  • Able to Download App on Android Market (other smartphones will be available soon)
  • Download FREE TRAIL iRappU. It is ADs FREE.
Extra Features
  • The FREE Download Trial is for a Limited Time
  • FREE Trial Period (1 Month)
  • After Trial Period (.99 cents)- One Time Fee
  • Option to Purchase from Initial Download (In Helping to Continuing to Provide the Service)
Contact Us
If you have any question about iRappU or comments.
Please feel free to write us at :
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Ad Free
Try iRappU for free! Download the app today; it's fast and
easy-to-use. iRappU uses your internet connection.
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 iRappU Screenshots 
 Feed Back 
Sam J.

Awesome app. I like the name iRappU. The majority of my friends in my phonebook are all android users and it instantly notifies my status to them once I have the app activated. I like the concept. A+

George T.

I'm always going to the movie theater with family and friends and I think this app should be mandatory for theaters once you walk in. What bothers me the most is when the person sitting in front of me takes out their bright phone and starts texting. Activate the app to "At the movie theater" to let the other person know what your status is and it informs them that you are not available to respond right now.

Jason R.

5 STAR APP! Very simple to use and to understand how all the features work. Will recommend to all my android buddies.

John Z.

I am an attorney and I have come to rely upon this great app. It is perfect for my line of work which consists of extensive meetings, depositions, hearings and trials, in which case I cannot answer my cell phone. What's great about this application is that it notifies any caller of my status and alleviates the anxiety and frustration that constantly occurs with people that are attempting to get in touch with me, especially my loved ones. This application also helps the avoidance of callers, like my clients, making multiple attempts to contact my cell phone and inexplicably always interrupting important meetings. This app simple informs everyone of my status and conveys this message without interrupting me.

Diana D.

This app is pretty cool. One of my best friends invited me to download the app and I'm hooked on it. I constantly have iRappU activated when I'm at work because my job doesn't let us touch our cell phone.

Mark B.

Great App… It comes very handy whenever I'm trying to get in touch with my wife and kids when they don't answer me.

Pamela M.

I love this App! Now I know why my girlfriends don't text me back right away. RECOMMENDED!

Kelly S.

Very FAST response on notifying me when I made a call to a friend who had the app activated on their phone. This is a cool app.

Bob M.

I personally like this app but it seems that it only works on android phones and I also have a lot of friends on other devices. Please look into making it available to other phones so that I could use this app with everyone in my phonebook. Thanks.

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